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Take a break to connect with yourself

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Our modern world leaves little opportunity to make space to be alone with our feelings.

We are so often on the go - distracted - be it television, social media or the seemingly endless to-do lists of our busy lives.

The impact of these is not only lack of recognition and respect for how we’re feeling, but time to process our feelings.

They bury themselves deeper inside us. Maybe you feel you have them under control and the self you present to the world has it all together. Or perhaps they’ve been buried so long they’re started to sprout roots.. Breaking through the soil of our soul as PMS, chronic stress, anxiety, depression.

If you’re feeling that all you’re doing is surviving, you’re not living, you’re just surviving.. Just sort of, floating by…not present.. Don’t feel excited about anything, not exhilarated by anything..don’t feel the joy or gratitude for the little things.. Perhaps you feel like you’re in autopilot, or going about the day to day with lack of presence, like a robot… allow yourself this time.

We’re going to reclaim this time to check in with your body. We’re going to access those feelings that our buried in your soul. Give those roots a gentle tug. Sit with the feelings that come up for you. It’s a safe space to feel your feelings. Whatever comes up for you. Awareness precedes change and the first step is to understand what is buried in your soil.

The purpose of the meditation is to find a safe space to come back to yourself, and remember that you are a resilient being, and this too shall pass.

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