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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a health audit?

During the health audit session, we take the time to review any symptoms you may be having, in the hope to identify the behaviours preventing you from living your healthiest, happiest life. 

Unfortunately, with the NHS being at capacity, many symptoms that are not considered life threatening are overlooked so that the NHS can prioritise its time and funds for the patients with more urgent concerns. This means many of us are prescribed a ‘quick fix’ pill that masks the symptoms, rather than being given the time it takes to investigate the possible cause. 

By taking this investigative approach, we can often identify the root cause and make dietary and lifestyle adjustments to reduce the negative impacts it’s having on your health and wellbeing, once and for all. 

I’m still on the pill - can I work with you?

Whilst this approach is designed to rebalance hormones post-pill and for people who are pill-free, I would still encourage you to book a free call with me to discuss your current situation and see if there is an approach we can take together. As this is a natural approach, there may well be dietary and lifestyle adjustments we can put in place that will enhance your health overall, pill or no pill.

Do you do meal plans?

Not as such. As a qualified nutritionist I am able to provide dietary advice and recommendations, but firmly believe the person who knows your body best is, and always will be, you. Therefore we can work together to come up with a template meal plan, but I empower clients to eat in a way that nourishes your body, provides attunement to your intuition, and balances your hormones to you can reconnect with your hunger and fullness cues, making the healthy choice the default.

I want to overcome PMS but I also have other health goals. Can we work on both?

Absolutely! The best part of working 1:1 with clients is a truly personalised approach - we take the time to focus on your unique needs and goals. So as not to overwhelm you with information, we’d likely start with 1 or 2 main goals first, and build from there. If you have several goals in mind I would recommend the Transform package, which spans over 6 months, to give us the time together we need to transform your health and wellbeing.

My Dr prescribed me the pill. How is this better?

Unfortunately hormonal contraceptives are often prescribed to people with female reproductive systems to ‘mask’ symptoms of menstrual dysfunction. I say unfortunately as masking the symptoms is not the same as treating the root cause. When the pill is stopped, the symptoms more often than not return.

Taking a natural, hormone-free approach by optimising diet and lifestyle is a long term, low risk option that reduces symptoms by addressing the root cause of the problem instead.

I find it difficult to stick to healthy habits. What support will I get?

My Transform package is designed with you in mind! In my experience as a coach I have noticed that the ‘what’ is only half of the challenge - ‘how’ to stick to the changes is often the most challenging part for many clients. That’s where the mindset approach comes in. I will support you to identify beliefs and behaviours that are contributing to the symptoms you want to overcome, and provide support and accountability for 6 months. By the end of our session together, my aim is to have you feeling empowered and confident to take the habits developed during our time together into your new, healthy lifestyle.

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