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Breakthrough Series

Your three step process to overcoming PMS so you can celebrate your body, no matter the time of the month.

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The ideal package for Cycle Tracking beginners!


Get to grips with Cycle Tracking & overcome the obstacles currently standing between you and the happiest, healthiest version of yourself in this three part training series.


What's included? 

✨ Introduction to Cycle Tracking with a step-by-step workshop

✨ Identify & overcome the obstacles blocking you from achieving your goals with self-compassion exercises, behaviour breakthrough prompts and a guided meditation

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✨ Introduce you to the Reclaim Your Month workshop, EBook, Shopping Guide + Recipes to get your started on your journey to reducing the symptoms of PMS.


With this self-guided package you will receive a digital copy of How to Live Your Best Life: the go-to guide for menstruators ready to reclaim their month from PMS, plus video & audio links for each section straight to your inbox over three days from signing up, so you can follow the series through at a pace that works for you. 

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