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My Scope of Practice

As a certified Nutritionist and Wellbeing Mentor, I abide by the scope of practice as outlined below.

What I Do

  • Work 1:1 with clients. Review goals, past & current health, diet & lifestyle habits.

  • Work with client to plan suitable changes (educate, discuss, suggest)

  • Follow up to track progress, provide feedback, suggestions, support & encouragement

  • Educate around food groups, ingredients & choices and discuss suitability for the specific client

  • Address diet & eating habits before supplementation

  • Help you to notice any patterns relating to digestive discomfort using a food & mood diary

  • Explore elimination approach to help identify problem foods/ingredients.

  • Help you to use results from the elimination approach to help you to understand & adjust food choices appropriately

  • Help with weight control. I discourage extreme dieting & advocate for nourishment over restriction, a longer term sustainable, wholefoods approach.

  • Educate how poor food choices & how stress can contribute to disease, impact digestion as well as physical & mental health

  • Encourage Movement

  • Discuss certain food supplements within my scope of practice

  • Refer you to your GP if any symptoms that you mention raise a red flag.

  • Refer you to a Nutritional Therapist for functional testing if it feels appropriate.


What I DON’T Do

  • Claim to ‘prevent, treat, diagnose, cure or prescribe’

  • Challenge diagnosis, advice or instructions from client’s GP or Consultant

  • Interfere with the doctor patient relationship in any way

  • I do not offer functional testing nor routinely suggest food intolerance testing (I can signpost you on should this feel necessary)

  • Recommend low calorie diets or restriction for weight loss

  • Give detailed personalised exercise plans

  • Recommend supplements that are not on my approved list

Scope of Practice: Text
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